Responsible Camping

South Canterbury is one of the world’s most beautiful places.

Please help us keep it that way and be a responsible freedom camper. Manage all of your own waste and leave nothing but your footprints.

We welcome responsible camper visitors and ask that you respect our region so we can preserve and protect our communities and environment. Responsible camping is defined as camping outside of a designated campground in a location that does not provide camping facilities (such as toilets).

Your camper must be fully self-contained toilet facilities to camp in South Canterbury’s three districts of Timaru, Mackenzie and Waimate. To qualify, the camper’s toilet must always be readily usable, even with the bed made up. Your camper must also meet your ablution needs for a minimum of three days without requiring discharge of waste and without the occupants relying on external facilities.

If not self-contained, please stay in a designated campsite or holiday park with facilities. Please enjoy our beautiful region and look after it well.

Planning on responsible camping?

Some rules and tips to help enjoy your stay and protect our region.

Timaru District

Information and camp site locations.

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Mackenzie District

Information and options for responsible campers. Download brochure.

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Waimate District

Information and options.

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Camper Mate

A free New Zealand travel app that helps responsible campers find essential services nearby.

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