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Westlands Honey

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    Fairlie, New Zealand

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Westlands Honey is a family owned and operated beekeeping business nestled in the gateway to the Mackenzie District of South Canterbury.

The diversity and sparseness of the desert country through to the greener pastures of the lower Mackenzie, has some of the purest and highest quality nectar then utilised to produce Westlands premium honeys.

Westlands honey is 100% natural in the purest form. No chemicals are used during the extracting process. With no heat treatments or fine filtering, this allows the honey to retain the vitamins, minerals and enzymes of mother nature. You can’t control what flowers the bees work and the type of nectar that is available, however you can control the quality of the bees and the quality of the beehive that the bees live and work in.

Westlands honey is taken off the hives and brought straight back to the honey extracting facility in Kimbell where the honey is extracted, pottled and labelled all onsite by them. They do their utmost to maintain a high level of quality in the honey facility. Twice yearly audits ascertain the premises are continually up to a high export standard.

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Westlands honey is as close as you can get from hive to pot.