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Wet Feet Photography

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Wet Feet Photography –Dave Boraman - Based in Timaru NZ

At the age of 18 my father gave me first SLR camera, little did he know, it started something!!  

I have always been adventurer, drawn to the outdoors, much of my 20’s were spent at Mt Cook climbing and dreaming of the next climb. Drawn by the beauty of the place, I find myself sitting out all night in amazement of its changing moods. Photography is the same, you can take a photo of your favourite spot, minutes later same place can magically change with light, weather and if you’re patient the seasons. 

Photography has instilled that same passion I have for climbing, I can’t wait to get out and see what is around the next corner and capture it. To me, It is ‘standing on the summit’. 

My work is predominantly landscape and astrophotography, although I am enjoying playing in other genre’.  

Contact Dave  

dave@boraman.co.nz or 021749376 

 If there is an image that you like, prints are available in all sizes, canvases, gloss and matt finishes.